Tidewater Scale
Model 22 Meat Saw
Model 22 Meat Saw


FINISH: Stainless steel body. Cast head structure standard - Stainless steel head structure, optional, EC.


HP kW Type Volts Amps Hertz Phase Status
1-1/2 1.1 HH 115/230 21.0/10.5 60 1 STD
1-1/2 1.1 HH 220/440 5.6/2.8 60 3 STD
1-1/2 1.1 HH 115/230 20.2/10.1 50 1 EC
1-1/2 1.1 TE 115/230 16.0/8.0 60 1 EC
1-1/2 1.1 TE 220/440 5.2/2.6 60 3 EC
1-1/2 1.1 HH 380/415 3.6/3.24 50 3 STD
1-1/2 1.1 TE 380/415 3.6/3.24 50 3 EC
TE = Totally enclosed STD = standard
HH = high humidity EC = extra cost

SWITCH: Toggle standard 2 HP rated placed conveniently in front.

SWITCH AVAILABLE OPTIONS: Net Extra: Waterproof magnetic type.

BASE STRUCTURE: Unitized welded stainless steel.

HEAD AND DOOR: Entire assembly removable.

BLADE GUIDE: Upper guide assembly removable. Steel guide with long-life carbide back-up insert.

SAFETY PUSHER PLATE: Standard, removable.

DRIVE: Non slip silent V-belt.

PLATTER: All stainless steel held in place with two push pull hold down rods.

MEAT CARRIAGE: All stainless steel, with nylon guides.

CATCH PAN: Extra deep, rounded corners. Pan sealed off from other parts of the base. Accessible through hinged door.

CLEANING UNIT: Stainless steel body, long life carbide guides, steel saw cleaners, removable as a unit for easy cleaning (assembly also adjusted as a unit).

BEARINGS: Heavy duty taper roller bearings used in upper wheel and lower bearing housings.

WHEELS: 12"; cast iron upper wheel assembly lifts out.

LEGS: Stainless steel leg bolt levelers.

MOTOR COMPARTMENT: Sealed off from meat contact areas. Easily accessed through removable panel door.

BLADE TENSION: Adjustable, 3 inch travel ratchet gear, cam controlled embodying pound tested spring, correct tension automatically assured.

MEAT GAUGE PLATE: Adjustable from 1/16" to 6 1/2", locks in position, can be thrown out of gear, entire assembly removable for cleaning.

BLADE SPEED: Standard speed on 50 and 60 cycle operation approximately 3000 feet per minute.

BLADE STANDARD: 4 point 5/8 wide .020 thick 91" long. Available: 2 Point x 5/8 wide .022 thick Scallop Blade.


Uncrated 308 Ibs. (140 kg) approximately
Crated 370 Ibs. (168 kg) approximately

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