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BIRO's Model 44 18" Meat Saw has a heavy duty welded stainless steel unitized body and is manufactured to withstand heavy use. The all stainless steel head structure provides good sanitation qualities. Large 18" blade wheels give cutting clearances and allow large working surfaces.


Applicable to large volume supermarkets, medium and large meat packers, purveyors, and fish processors. Excellent for continuous heavy use, long run applications.


The Model 44 series meat saws provide reliability and durability to the processing industry. The Model 44 Meat Saw is available in a number of different designs with numerous options from which to choose. Call BIRO for more information on options.


FINISH: Stainless steel head and base.
SWITCH: Waterproof magnetic starter with thermal overload.
BLADE GUIDE: Upper guide assembly removable. Steel guide with long life carbide back-up insert.
SAFETY END CUT PUSHER PLATE: Standard, removable.
DRIVE: Non slip V-belt silent.
PLATTER: All stainless steel, held in place with two push pull hold down rods.
MEAT CARRIAGE: All stainless steel, with nylon guides removable thumb guard.
CATCH PAN: Polyurethane with extra deep, rounded corners. Pan sealed off from other parts of base.
CLEANING UNIT: Long life carbide blades steel saw cleaners, removable as a unit for easy cleaning (assembly also adjusted as a unit).
BEARINGS: Heavy duty roller bearings used in upper wheel and lower bearing housings.
WHEELS: 18" semi steel, chrome nickel plating: upper wheel assembly is removeable.
LEGS: Adjustable for leveling only.
MOTOR COMPARTMENT: Sealed off from meat contact areas, easily accessible through removable panel door.
BLADE TENSION AND ADJUSTMENT: Ratchet gear, cam control embodying pound tested spring, correct tension automatically assured.
MEAT GAUGE PLATE: Adjustable from 1/16" (1.59 mm) to 6 1/2"(165 mm), locks in position, can be thrown out of gear, entire assembly removable for cleaning.
BLADE: Standard is 4 point, 5/8" wide, .020" thick, 135" long. Some optional models may have different length blade.
BLADE SPEED: 4000 feet per minute standard.

WEIGHT: Uncrated 608 Ibs. (276 KG), approximately
Crated 686 Ibs. (312 KG), approximately.


Model 44 Dimensions
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