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The SOLO« XL Automatic Wrapper

645 SOLO« XL

Power supply: 115/208/230VAC/ 50/60Hz
Temperature range: 40║F to 95║F (5║C to 35║C)
Film width: 13"
Max. package size: 15.7"L x 10.2"W x 5.5"H
Min. package size: 5.9" L x 4.7" W x 0.4"H
Max. speed (packages/minute): Up to 20 ppm

The SOLO« XL Automatic Wrapper uses one roll of 13┤ film to wrap small and large trays including the 25, 7, and 10┤x14┤ family pack trays. The compact design requires only 25 square feet of space with the Model 705 or Model 706 Autolabeler.

Features and Benefits

  • One film size for all packages
  • Saves on film and labor costs.
  • Easy to load film.
  • Small footprint.
  • Easy to use.

CSA Certification Canada/USA
ETL Listed Symbol

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