Packed with Power and Excellence!
Unmatched Reliability, Performance, and Ease of Operation. There is a new standard for excellence in high-speed automatic stretch wrapping machines! Breakthrough technology means Exact® brings high volume central pack operations a powerful automatic stretch wrapper that excels in every way…the PowerPack®.

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The PowerPack® is without an equal as a high production, low maintenance central pack wrapping machine. Your stretch film wrapped retail packages never looked better! Proven performance-enhancing technology used throughout the machine results in outstanding reliability, versatility, power, and productivity. Eliminating many traditional high-wear mechanical components means extremely quiet operation and precise, programmable control of machine movements.

Programmable Tray Look Up (TLU) provides concise control of film usage and tight, premium package appearance. Each TLU has 18 individual programmable features to customize machine operation to specific tray sizes. Advanced self-diagnostics and help messages on a large operator display panel assist in troubleshooting and minimize downtime.

The standard PowerPack® wraps up to 55 ppm and the GS up to 62 ppm, and can operate at variable speeds to maximize total throughput. Machines are easily configured specifically to your operation, including adjusting the infeed to accommodate wrapping high-profile products up to 7.5" tall. Extended infeed options allow multiple operators to simultaneously feed the machine to increaseproduction. Easy, operator-accomplished package size changeover maximizes "up" time.

The Exact® WrapTool® Service and Diagnostic Program is a powerful and effective software program that leads the user through machine setup, TLU programming, and diagnostic testing. WrapTool® takes the service concept a step further and suggest service solutions, plus records a service history of individual machines. Proven stepper motor technology and state-of-the-art electronics translate to outstanding reliability, while advanced self-diagnostics assist in troubleshooting.
Features and Benefits
  • Large Operator Display Screen with soft keys makes operation and programming easy.
  • Variable speeds from 35 to 55 packages per minute controlled by programmable settings for each tray size.
  • Fast and each tray size changeover by the operator without tools.
  • Flexibility - easily configure the machines specifically for your operation.
  • Rugged and corrosion resistant construction.
  • Built for multiple shift production. The central gearbox runs in a sealed oil bath for continuous duty.
Specifications - PowerPack®
Power supply 208/240 VAC, 3Ø, 60Hz, 13A, 4.7kW 
Temperature range 40°F to 95°F (5°C to 35°C) 
Film width 13 '' to 21'', 3 '' Core, 50 to 125 Gauge 
Max. speed (packages/minute) 55 PPM, 62 PPM GS 
Max. package size 16'' L x 10.2'' W x 7.5'' H (Jumbo Version) 
Description For high volume central pack applications requiring 55-62 packs per minute, single film roll usage, and extremely reliable operations. 

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